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What will My Little Prince and My Little Princess be when they grow up?

my-little-princeMy Little Prince, by Ruth Wielockx, (July 2016, Clavis Books), $12.95, ISBN: 978-1605372600

Two cute board books pose different questions to toddlers about different careers. My Little Prince, geared toward boys, asks questions like, “Who saves people from fires and puts out all the flames? A firefighter!” Each spread features one career: firefighter, astronaut, nurse, policeman, and king, which leads into a sweet ending where the parent, assumed to be an omniscient narrator, tells a baby boy that he may be a king when he grows up, but for now, he’s still very small and he’s a sweet little prince.

my-little-princessMy Little Princess, by Ruth Wielockx, (July 2016, Clavis Books), $12.95, ISBN: 978-1605372617

My Little Princess offers girls career choices like ballerina, schoolteacher, veterinarian, pilot, and queen; the ending spread, similar to My Little Prince, has a parent telling a baby daughter that she may be a queen one day when she grows up, but for now, she’s “my sweet little princess”.

The spreads are fun, with claymation-like art that will appeal to toddlers. Speaking as a parent who refers to my son as “my handsome prince”, I think these are cute for toddlers, and the career choices are nicely varied for both genders: men can be nurses, women can be pilots. There’s not much in the way of diversity here, and some of the wording, translated from Dutch, can be a bit awkward.

A chart on the back of the book helps parents and readers with age ranges for Clavis books, using a train graphic with added cars as children grow from babies to toddlers.

These are cute additional purchases to board book collections and cute gift ideas for the little royalty in your lives.



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