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Everyday Advocacy: Take Action Tuesday!

My first Take Action Tuesday challenge has been to write an elevator speech: a brief opportunity to tell someone what you do, and why libraries are so important. You know, when someone asks you that question, “So, what do you do?” And you kind of grimace internally for a second, bracing for the look and the answer you’ll get when you say, “I’m a librarian.”

My elevator speech will help head off those inevitable responses: “They still have those?” “Hasn’t the Internet put you out of business yet?” You know, the greatest hits. So here’s my elevator speech:

I’m a children’s librarian. I encourage a love of reading, learning, and creating at the library by making sure my collection has books that kids will love, available in the languages they need. The world is a big place, and having books that speak to kids’ interests and experiences, in their languages, make it even bigger and brighter.


What’s your elevator speech?



I'm a mom, a children's librarian, bibliophile, and obsessive knitter. I'm a pop culture junkie and a proud nerd, and favorite reads usually fall into Sci-Fi/Fantasy. I review comics and graphic novels at WhatchaReading ( I'm also the co-founder of On Wednesdays We Wear Capes (, where I discuss pop culture and geek fandom from a female point of view.

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