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GameKnight999 is back in a new Minecraft adventure!

In news that will make the kids at my library ecstatic, Mark Cheverton has a new GameKnight999 Minecraft novel coming out in two days. GameKnight999 vs. Herobrine: Herobrine Reborn is Book 3 in this latest adventure series.


I first discovered Mark Cheverton’s books at New York Comic Con a couple of years ago, where I picked up his first big GameKnight999 series, beginning with Invasion of the Overworld. My then 9 year-old son loved it, and when I ordered a set for my library at the time, they disappeared as soon as I displayed them on the “New” shelves. One of the first purchases I made here at my new location was the original series, and again, haven’t seen them since I put them on the shelves – I didn’t even make it to the shelves, come to think of it; once the kids saw Minecraft books in my arms, they swarmed me!


Needless to say, I’ve ordered more Minecraft books since, and I’ve held a really popular Pixel Art workshop. I cut construction paper into 2″ x 2″ squares, and provided templates of various Minecraft subjects (my first were the Creeper and a flower) that the kids used to create their own works of Minecraft Art. It went over so well that I’m scheduling more Minecraft workshops in the future.

Gameknight999 vs. Herobrine, Book 3 is the conclusion of the Herobrine Reborn series, and will hit bookstores and mass market retailers this Wednesday, January 6th and is already available on Amazon!

Cheverton also Skypes with schools interested in virtual author visits – check out his website for more information. He also provides his own Minecraft server info for kids who want to join in the fun. He will unapologetically ban griefers and bullies, so you know it’s a safe space for your families and patrons (if you let them run Minecraft on your computers). Go to his server site for more information on access.

I’m off to add this latest book to my January budget. Enjoy!



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