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The Fix: A powerful, moving story about healing and moving on

7d16c80d10959594-FixcoversmallThe Fix, by Natasha Sinel (Sept. 2015, Sky Pony), $16.99, ISBN: 978-1634501675

Recommended for ages 12+

Seventeen year-old Macy has it pretty good, at first glance: she’s pretty, her family is financially comfortable, she’s got a good-looking boyfriend who adores her and a best friend. Sure, she and her mother don’t get along and her father is always away on business, but that’s being a teenager, right? The thing is, Macy has a secret that she’s kept suppressed for years; after a late-night conversation with Sebastian, someone she kind of sort of knew as a kid and meets up with again at a party, her life changes. Sebastian is a drug addict who ends up in the psych ward shortly after their meeting. Macy feels compelled to go see him. Their feelings deepen as they get to know one another, and Macy starts reliving the events that left her more damaged than she could ever have realized. Left confused by her relationship with Chris and her feelings for Sebastian and feeling vulnerable over her painful secret, Macy has to learn to trust enough to reveal her damaged self and move forward with her life.

The Fix is a tough book. There’s sexual abuse and drug addiction, family discord and a lot of pain. It demands to be read. Told from Macy’s point of view, we get a raw recollection of her abuse at the hands of her older cousin and the fallout – which includes the demise, to a degree, of her family unit. We see how parents can fail their children and the resultant damage. And then we get Sebastian’s story – how a boy can survive child abuse, an alcoholic parent, and drug addiction with the love of a connected parent. Sebastian’s and Macy’s stories are two halves of a whole, and each story will resonate with readers. The Fix is a story about survival and ultimately, recovery, forgiveness, and hope. There are resources at the end of the book for help regarding sexual abuse, depression and mental illness, and substance abuse.

Natasha Sinel’s author webpage includes information about The Fix, the author’s bio and blog, and contact information.

Add this one to your high school library shelves. Someone out there needs it.




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