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Two! Two Programs! (Insert Count von Count laugh here) November 13, 2015

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I was still on a high from having kids show up to my comic book discussion group, so I decided to charge headlong into more programming this week. I had a teen coloring club scheduled, and I have to be honest – I was terrified. I had to venture into the Teen Center here at my library, which is like walking into the lion’s den, for me. It’s unfamiliar territory; these teens don’t see me at all, since the Children’s Room is on the other side of the library, and they’re a small, insular group. As teens are. I walked over with some mandala pictures and two boxes of colored pencils, nervously asked if anyone was interested in a coloring club, and was ready to scamper out of there when I heard someone say, “Miss! Over here!”

mandala-2-334-2-11 mandalas_primavera11

There was a group of three young teen girls sitting by the window, hands raised and waving at me. “Do you have pencils?” They asked.

“I sure do! Here, see? May not be Power Puff Girls (did I completely date myself with that reference? Better than Bugs Bunny, I guess, which was first on my lips), but check it out!” They cooed over the mandalas, so I felt like I made an awesome score; put down the sheaf of papers and pencils like an offering, introduced myself, told them where to find me, and backed away slowly.

Guys, teens liked my pop-up passive program!

I was so heady with glee that I went full steam ahead and started talking up a reading group idea I’d been working on earlier with my tweens. I’ve been dying to have a book discussion group for tweens, and the parents here have been asking for programs for their school-age kids. I announced that the first book would be The Strange Case of Origami Yoda, and a group of kids jumped to sign up. I’m so excited to be trying out new program ideas, and have kids that want these programs! We’ll be having snacks and making our own Origami Yodas at the end of December. I’ll report back.


I missed the chance to try this Kind Bombing idea in observance of World Kindness Day today, so maybe I’ll sneak it in next week.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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