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Busy Wheels’ Plane’s Royal Rescue is on a mission!

9781609927912_fc625Plane’s Royal Rescue, by Peter Bently/illus. by Louise Conway (Aug. 2015, QEB Publishing), $14.95, ISBN: 9781609927912

Recommended for ages 3-6

Another book in the Busy Wheels series from QEB Publishing, Plane’s Royal Rescue tells the story of Plane, its clever captain, Captain Koala, and how they save the day for the traveling royal family. We meet Plane, who is getting ready for the day’s journey, and Captain Koala, who is talking to his copilot. The royal family is boarding a flight to the same destination, but when the jet takes off, the limousine driver discovers a big problem – the king has forgotten his crown in the car! Captain Koala and Plane step in to save the day.

This is such a fun series for young readers, and just enough detail to introduce them to the concepts of flying and the parts of a plane. There are details included throughout the story, including new vocabulary, and a Let’s Look at section that provides detailed pictures and terms for the parts of a plane and other airport vehicles.  The kids at my preschool libraries will be happy to see this one Plane’s Royal Rescue join Train is On Track.




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