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Storytime: Quiet/Loud

As mentioned before, I’m going to start posting some of my more successful storytimes here. One of most popular storytimes was my Quiet/Loud storytime, done for 4 preschool classes earlier this year. I did the “Loud” portion of the program first, because I let the kids get as loud as they wanted to (and boy, can 4 year-olds get LOUD); the Quiet portion of the storytime calmed them down so I didn’t leave a riled up bunch of children for the teachers!

This was a fun storytime in part because both books are wrriten by the same author: I read Deborah Underwood’s The Loud Book! and The Quiet Book, which talk about different types of loud (fireworks loud) and quiet (right before you yell “surprise!” quiet). The kids loved yelling along with all the fun, different types of loud, and giggled at some of the facial expressions I came up with for different types of quiet.


After The Loud Book, I recited a rhyme with the kids:

Action Rhyme: Loud and Quiet
Quietly, quietly, not a sound
I’m listening and listening
As I look around
No sounds as I nod (nod)
No sounds as I clap (clap)
No sounds as I tap my hands on my lap (tap)
Loudly, loudly, stomp and clap! (stomp and clap)
Loudly, loudly, stomp and clap! (stomp and clap)
Loudly, loudly, stomp and clap! (stomp and clap)
All that noise! Well, fancy that!


After reading The Quiet Book, I taught the kids a fingerplay:

Fingerplay: Quiet Mouse

Here’s a quiet little mouse (hold up thumb)
Living in a quiet little house (hold thumb in fist)
When all was as quiet as could be (look around)
OUT! Popped he! (pop out thumb)


This was such a fun storytime! I think I’ll try it with my picture book storytime group here at the public library.



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