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Desmond Pucket is back, with a Mountain Full of Monsters!

desmond puckettDesmond Pucket and the Mountain Full of Monsters, by Mark Tatulli (Andrews-McMeel, August 2014). $13.99, ISBN: 9781449435493

Recommended for ages 8-12

Desmond Pucket, star of Desmond Pucket Makes Monster Magic, is back and he’s finally on the class trip to Crab Shell Pier, where the Mountain Full of Monsters awaits! He’s dying to ask his crush to go on the ride with him, but he’s thwarted by Mr. Needles, the school disciplinary officer who has it in for poor Desmond, and bully Scott Seltzer. When he finds out that the Mountain Full of Monsters is scheduled for demolition, he’s determined to save it – in his own way, naturally – and discovers that kids will actually pay him to scare their friends, brothers, and sisters! Can Desmond stay one step ahead of Mr. Needles and make his dreams come true again?

If you enjoyed the first Desmond Pucket book, you’ll be very happy with Desmond Pucket and the Mountain Full of Monsters. The sequel picks up shortly after the first book ends, and the main characters are all in place, waiting to be rejoined by the reader. The reading is fast-paced and funny, told by Desmond via his journal. The book is filled with “Desmond’s” scribbles and illustrations, and there are more tricks and recipes this time. Desmond is a likable character, and you really want him to succeed. He’s entrepreneurial this time out, which should get kids thinking about making their own money doing what they love. It sends a great message!

The Desmond Pucket site offers teacher and librarian resources, which link the books to the Common Core. Currently, there are guides only for Desmond Pucket Makes Monster Magic, but I hope, with the release of Desmond Pucket and the Mountain Full of Monsters in August, that these resources will be updated to include the new book. There are also resources for using graphic novels in the classroom.

These are great books to have available to middle grade readers, particularly boys, who love the Wimpy Kid books.




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