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Book Expo Approaches! What are you going to look for?

I love BEA. I’ve been lucky enough to go to a few, having worked in publishing before my new career as a librarian, and I never tire of it. The books, the people that are so excited about books – readers, publishers, sellers, librarians – we all love books, and BEA is one big book party, with lots of little book parties going on simultaneously.

This year, BEA is really special and exciting for me, because it’s my first year as a librarian, so I’ll be there looking for children’s and middle grade books that I can bring to my patrons – my “kids”, and some YA that I can recommend to my counterpart, the YA librarian at Pomonok. And I’m also excited, because I’m going on a press pass! How cool is that? So let’s start the reporting now!

isobel journalI received an e-mail from Capstone with some signings, and I’m excited, because Isobel Harrop will be there signing copies of her book, The Isobel Journal. I’ve got this on NetGalley, and have been looking forward to reading it. It’s on the list of things to read before BookExpo! It’s a graphic novel-ish type book, so it technically comes under my purview, even though it’s YA.

Capstone is also having a book giveaway for their September book, Katie Woo’s Big Idea Journal: A place for your best stories, drawings, doodles and plans, which I absolutely need to get because the Katie Woo books do gangbusters at my library! I may even have a book giveaway for the kids. I also just learned that the Capstone website has Katie Woo printables, which is PERFECT – my kids love coloring in the library, and I think they’re getting tired of my usual printables.

Capstone is also announcing their new YA imprint, Switch Press, at BEA, so I want to see what that’s all about. I notice that they’re including graphic novels under the imprint, so I’m hoping I can bring back some news and maybe a couple of giveaways for our teens.

What’s everyone else doing at BookExpo? I have a planner to fill!




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