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AJ Smith shows readers that Even Monsters… are just like us!

evenmonstersEven Monsters… by AJ Smith. Sourcebooks Jabberwocky (2014), $16.99. ISBN: 9781402286520

Recommended for ages 3-6

Sure, monsters roar, growl, and stomp around, but did you know that they have to put clean underwear on in the morning, eat their breakfast, brush their teeth, and go to school, just like any other kid? That’s the message AJ Smith communicates to his young audience with his book, Even Monsters… Perfect for preschoolers and Kindergarteners, Even Monsters talks about all the day-to-day, very un-monstery things that kid monsters have to do, illustrating that everyone has to do things like brush their teeth, take a bath, and learn their ABCs. On the bright side, monsters also get to do cool things like play video games, soccer, and hide in tree forts, just like other kids! The book is a great way to show children that no matter how different people may be – heck, they may not even be people – we’re all the same – we even need a kiss goodnight. It’s very reassuring for a young audience who may be experiencing a new routine by entering preschool or kindergarten.

Mr. Smith uses digital art to illustrate his story. His monsters, Glubb and Skeebu, are brightly colored and have friendly expressions, even when they’re being very monster-y, growling, and snarling. The text is bold, black and has an almost paintbrush-stroke feel to it, creating some interest for the reader.

AJ Smith teaches art and has created cartoons for Sesame Street and animated children’s shows like Courage the Cowardly Dog. His website is a treasure trove for kids and grownups alike, with information about author visits and a parent/teacher guide to Even Monsters. The kids’ section has links to a Monster store, art galleries, Monster trading cards, games, a section on how to draw Glubb and Skeebu, and a link to a Glubb and Skeebu webcomic.



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